For Those About to Ride Rock Hopper, We Salute You!

Live To Ride, Ride To Live, and Carry Red Oxx Gear!

Taking a lone motorcycle ride across the majestic Beartooth Mountains in Montana, through Yellowstone Park, and later making his way to the coast of Oregon, this Red Oxx Adventure Journal writer (rider?) put his trusty Red Oxx Rock Hopper Day Pack through Hell and back. Truth is, to really get away and experience the open road, the key is to pack light, and of course, remember to bring your handheld video game for those days when the weather just won’t cooperate!

Dear Jim,
The shining vistas of the Rocky Mountain west’s Beartooth Pass beckoned this motorcyclist for my first-ever ride. Crisp mountain air and clear, vast skylines made for wonderful riding weather. The open scenery of the Beartooth Highway, with its towering peaks, chilly glacial lakes and staggering rock fields is pure eye candy. Riding my classic Yamaha Virago motorcycle on this impressive highway through southern Montana was smooth and forgiving. The Wyoming side through Yellowstone Park offers more challenges with some rough narrow roads, tight corners and the occasional RV blocking my view. But once outside the Park, the ride to Cody was wide open and the scenery was grand.

I chose the Rock Hopper Day Pack because I wanted to travel light, yet still have plenty of room for my camera, wallet, snacks and first aid kit. My Rock Hopper travels with me everywhere! I carry it daily to where I work at the hospital. This Day Pack has plenty of room for my books and repair kits; like when I have customers with computer problems. When I fly, my Rock Hopper becomes my primary airline carry on bag. I load it with books and handheld video games to keep me entertained on the flight and it’ll easily fit under the seat.

Last fall, I finished a run down the Oregon seacoast. Once again I brought my rough’n’tough Rock Hopper all the way from my home in Lockwood, Montana to Newport, Oregon and the lovely Yaquina Bay. This was a fantastic run with unbelievable scenery. It was a perfect combination of riding mountain roads and seacoast scenery. One year, I also made a run up to Canada for the Calgary stampede on a very small motorcycle just to prove it can be done. Ayup, that was the last time I did that!

I also own a rugged Red Oxx cell phone holster and I plan on picking up a new Red Oxx Equipment Bag for my motorbike trailer. I know with its tough construction and plenty of room, it’ll work great carrying my camping equipment. You know, packing plates, silverware, pots and pans and other camping accessories. I’m looking for a dependable motorcycle bag that can handle the rough usage of the road. After the Hell I’ve put my trusty Red Oxx Rock Hopper through, I know you guys can handle it!

Chester Groves

Lockwood, Montana

For those about to ride with Red Oxx, we salute you! Congratulations Chester on your great ride and story. We’re thrilled to see the versatile Rock Hopper Day Pack meeting all your needs.

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