About.com Rates Flat Dog and Gun Runner 5 Stars

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About.com’s Russ Chastain, a Southeast Outdoor Press Association member and life member of Gun Owners of America (GOA) decided to take our Gun Runner Rifle Case and Flat Dog Gun Slip out for a test drive. The Flat Dog, so called because a "Flat Dog" is African slang for Crocodile and the designers at Red Oxx are avid sportsmen.

Russ started his review with this to say, "Red Oxx is a name that I hadn’t known for very long when I originally wrote this review, but it grew on me."

Note: this review originally appeared a few years ago covering only the Gun Runner ~D.O.R.A.

Russ was impressed with the tough fabric and sturdy zippers and that the outer shell consists of 1000 weight urethane-coated Cordura. Furthermore, Russ was glad his extra long Swedish Mauser 96 easily fit inside both cases. Originally, he was concerned the inner lining of 420 Denier Nylon for the Gun Runner may be considered a little too "slick" and that a rifle might move around inside the case. However,

"Semi-sharp edges on guns inside the (Gun Runner) case stand little chance of slicing through this liner, as they may do on other soft cases. And if the Flat Dog is used as a liner, this disadvantage is completely canceled out."

Russ also pointed these facts out:

  • "Gun Runner’s padding is 3/8" neoprene rubber blend; very tough stuff.
  • …work well with the Tuffpak hard gun case for airline travel.

Several times in the review, Russ reminded us of the use of using the Flat Dog as a liner for the Gun Runner; feeling this combination was ideal for safe travel and gun shipping protection. About.com concluded: "These cases are not cheap, and they’re not cheaply made – and with the unconditional Lifetime Warranty, they should last…forever."

Special thanks to Russ and About.com for the kind words and honest feedback and reprinting their article in part. One correction since this review came out Red Oxx Gun Runners and Flat Dog Slips are now available in a dozen colors, not 10. Read the whole article here: About.com Reviews Red Oxx Rifle Cases

~ Minister of Information for D.O.R.A., the Dept Of RedOxx Affairs

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