30 Working Days Till Shipment

Working to Fill Demand – a Message from Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel.

While thirty working days to manufacture a back ordered / out of stock product sounds like a long time to wait, in reality it’s a very short journey from our factory floor to your door. Our bags are hand made here at the Red Oxx factory in Billings, Montana U.S.A. After a one-block journey, they arrive at our factory outlet and retail store.

If your item is available and in stock it will generally ship the same day you place your order, or if you order after 3:30 MST, it will ship out the next business day. If your item is listed as out of stock / on back order, or what we like to call in production, we will build it from scratch. This requires a lead-time based on current demand. And currently, demand is higher than it’s ever been.

We strive to keep all of our inventory in stock, but we have recently been receiving all sorts of awesome press. The buzz has certainly put some strain on our capacity and we’ve been working hard to ramp up production. New employees are being trained and unfortunately, careful training takes time away from our top sewing and production specialists to build your bags. Red Oxx appreciates your patronage and our team expects to lower shipment times soon. Till then we are “30 days in the hole” and working like mad to meet your expectations.

Jim Markel CEO

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