3 Countries, 5 Airlines, 7 Flights, 11 Days, ONE Carry-on Bag

Once Again, the Air Boss Does It All. Every Time!

The 5 Star customer rated Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-on Bag can go the distance. Just ask John Steinmeyer, who said it quite succinctly. And straight and to the point. When you travel light with just one bag, you’re the (Air) Boss.

Hey Jim,
3 Countries, 5 Airlines, 7 Flights, 11 Days, 1 Carry-On Bag!! My traveling companion’s checked bag didn’t even make the first connection. Took everything I needed, nothing I didn’t. Not having to worry about checked luggage eliminated a lot of stress. Air Boss is awesome!

Thanks John, you really are a man of few words, yet you travel to many destinations. If this is any reason to take just one travel bag and bring it with you on your flights, it’s here in one short paragraph. We hope you enjoyed your stay at the Grand Hotel Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk and the Park Hyatt in Dubai. Bet that camel wishes it was packing an Air Boss!

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