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Tristan James Marby & RedOxx in Iraq

Beano Serves Solo Traveler in Iraq

Tristan Marby packed his Red Oxx PR5 for a trip to Iraq. He deemed it the perfect size and shape for the solo traveler. Let’s check in before he takes off again. Dear Jim and Perry,I just finished a research trip across northern Iraq checking out the progress of the Kurdistan Regional Government. While the
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The Glitterati of Bozeangeles

The Glitterati of Bozeangeles – Part 1

Jim’s Adventure at the Hatchfest Film Festival, Part 1 Red Oxx Manufacturing co-owner Jim Markel traveled to Bozeman, Montana on his latest adventure, where Red Oxx sponsored the annual Hatchfest Film Festival. There was plenty of excitement and surprises along the way, just as there always seems to be. Of course Jim had the right
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Varmint Master and Gator Range Bag

Varmint Master Scopes Out South Dakota

When you’re in the field, there’s nothing like running out of space for your stuff. Keep it all together with pockets made just the right size. That’s the experience of Jim Scobie, September’s Adventure Journal Submission! I just returned from a Prairie Dog hunt in South Dakota. Although not an exotic location, this was my
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Fending off bears with Beanos

Safari Beano Gets up Close with Alaskan Bears

Corporate client John Franklin’ Adventure Journal! John Franklin CEO of 1st Bank Sidney Montana stopped by Red Oxx to order his corporate gifts and left this us with this great photo. Yikes, it appears that his Safari Beano is in dire straits of being sniffed out by a wild Alaskan bear. I flew into the
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On Safari in Africa

Rucksack Survives Zimbabwe Safari

When the early rumblings of the company were still falling on "nearly deaf" ears, the good folks at the Safari Club hooked us up. Thus our fledgling company eked out an early living selling primarily to African Safari Adventure Crews. We made a few friends along the way. Dear Friends, I really appreciate your products.
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Sunchaser bag in Mongolia, with lots of big, big sky.

Sun Chaser Duffel Survives Desolate Mongolia

Bonfire With the Shaman. There’s something about the vastness of the Great Plains of America that inspired the pioneers coming west. We can only imagine Mongolia today still holds a similar majesty. Our latest Adventure Journal entry takes us there and back. We bet this is one of the few faraway places that our Billings,
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African sunset

How to Keep Your First Shot “in the Pocket” – Africa Part 3

Jim’s African Adventure: Part 3 Red Oxx Manufacturing co-owner Jim Markel traveled to Zambia in September 2003. He packed guns and cameras in his Red Oxx gear! Keep watch as new gear Jim tested in Africa is made available for purchase. Here’s Jim’s story, part 3: We arrived at Tony and Pat Park’s ranch and
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A Carry-on Luggage Demonstration to D.C.

Red Oxx co-owner Jim Markel’s adventures have taken him from Zambian safari to the shark-filled waters of Cocos Island. On his latest adventure, he blows the political winds in Washington. Travel guru Doug Dyment’s dictum about modern air travel: with the right bag, "carry-on only" is the only way to go. This installment includes his
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David Lacey's 4 Bore Flintlock

How to Shoot Straight at Front Sight: Part 2

Jim takes a Shot at Shooting Lessons Rations of jerky and pop tarts were just one difference between Red Oxx co-owner Jim Markel’s tours as a U.S. Marine and a tour at Front Sight’s Firearms Training Institute. In this Part 2 of 2 installments, Jim lights up the range in a night shoot. His story
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Nevada Mountains

How to Shoot Straight at Front Sight: Part 1

Jim Puts the Bead on Target. Red Oxx co-owner Jim Markel’s background includes tours as a U.S. Marine, where he learned the rugged, precise art of parachute rigging and unknowingly was launched down the path of designing premium travel bags. But he also learned a thing or two about shooting, so when a friend invited
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