12 Luggage Colors to Suit Your Palette

Make your Bags Pop Off the Conveyor Belt

When Red Oxx launched their first bags over 20 years ago, basic black was pretty much the standard fare in soft travel luggage. Our Aviator bags are still made with black ballistic cordura nylon. Red Oxx plodded along, pumping out generic black travel bags.

But one day while waiting by the checked luggage conveyor belt Jim Markel, our intrepid CEO, found himself perplexed. He was in a hurry. And at first glance several black bags all looked alike.

Now, here was a need for colorful luggage. Heck, make those brightly colored travel bags. Now travelers can choose a colored bag that:

  • Mixed or matched their journey wardrobe.
  • Stands out like a giraffe at a convention of dwarfs on the checked luggage conveyor belt.
  • Suits their travel tastes – be it business or pleasure or a combination of both.

No more squinting for your name on the luggage tag as generic black travel bags spin by. And at Red Oxx, you not only get to choose a bag with color, you get to decide among a whole palette of shades.

Available in a dozen striking colors, nearly all Red Oxx Gear can be mixed or matched. Almost any color you like. Just look for the "compare colors" tab on our product pages to see what your bag will look like in your favorite shade. Or try out the 360 degree view link and click on any tint in the color picker palette after the window loads. You’ll then see your bag in your favorite color!

Here’s a list of our 12 available luggage colors:

  • Amethyst (Purple)
  • Black
  • Bordeaux (Dark Ruby Red)
  • Coal (Gray)
  • Forest (Green)
  • Khaki (Tan)
  • Mariner (Blue)
  • Midnight (Dark Blue Black)
  • Olive (Military Green)
  • Red
  • Saffron (Yellow)
  • Safari (1940s Olive Drab and Desert Tan)

You’ve made the right choice in colored luggage. Why settle for ordinary black bags? You’ve stepped up to the best bags in the business and we don’t just say that. Check out our product reviews and reviews from the experts. And with 12 vibrant colors to choose from, its just a matter of deciding which one suits your travel tastes.

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