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Corporate bag program
Corporate bag program Contact us about custom branding

Red Oxx Custom Branding Corporate Program

Make Your Mark With Red Oxx

Send us Your Logo

Send us Your Logo

Detail and Exclusivity

Imagine the exclusivity of your company logo embroidered on a handsome Red Oxx Bag. This custom promotional branding strengthens your company's identity among your associates and to the world. Not to mention bringing smiles to the recipients.


The gift of quality makes a statement about who you are as a company and how you value your employees and customers. It says we're here to stay and have invested in a premium product that reflects our core values.

Whether it's a Market Tote or an Air Boss, our gear is built from scratch here in our Montana plant. You're free to create any size and color combination you desire. We currently offer a dozen Cordura Nylon colors readily in stock. Specialty Cordura Nylon colors can be ordered, depending on availability.

We'll send you ready-to-go embroidered bags, or, if you prefer, we'll ship pre-cut panels directly to your embroiderer. The cost for this service covers the basic design and execution of the work.


Minimum Order Size

Red Oxx will create your custom embroidered luggage in small batches of 10 to 24 bags. Larger runs are possible if given enough advance notice.


Email or call Jim Markel (owner) for more info. Call 1-888-RED-0XXX or direct dial +1 406-245-5847.

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