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“I have a big appetite for adventure.”
Red Oxx Gator Compact Carry On and Padded Gadget Bag - in Coal. Choose from 12 colors.

Gator Carry On Bag $125.00

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Behold! The Gator.

A compact carry-on bag with a big appetite.

You can read up on how others have used this multi-purpose carry-on bag, but we're sure you'll think up something new. Just like its hungry animal namesake, this tough-skinned beauty will swallow up everything you need for travel. Ideal as an compact airline carry-on and easily classified as a personal item, a shooting bag for the range, SLR camera bag, "macho" diaper bag in disguise, C-pap bag, or take it to work with a packed lunch; you get the picture.

Secure your delicate equipment in the Gator's rigid-formed, shock-resistant padded main compartment. No need to carry separate hydration, the Gator features dual elastic beverage end pockets that will hold small to medium water bottles (taller ones tend to not be as secure and may fall out!). The expandable gusseted side pockets help you to keep track of your gadgets like cell phones, iPods, sunglasses, and more.

These side pockets feature the exclusive ROFLS -- "Red Oxx Finger Loop Snap" closures which utilize our Mil-Spec stainless steel snaps and thoughtfully designed thumb loops that make closing these handy pockets a "snap." ROFLS allows one-handed snapping closure. Simply slip a finger into the loop under the snap post and use your thumb to press the post in place. ROFLS is a clever solution that prevents crushing items (like your precious sunglasses) under the snaps. Behind each gusseted pocket are secret hidden flat slip pockets for that little extra bit of storage.

Inside the Gator carryall bag, there's a full-length stiff mesh divider with four slots for pens and pencils and two mesh pockets. This divider is sewn down to snugly secure your iPad or Tablet when the pocket is snapped shut. Located on the back exterior is another full-length zippered pocket. Our 4lb. Volara closed cell firm foam padding envelopes the bag in the front, bottom, and back, protecting your precious contents from damage.

Our customers like to define our gear as "built like a tank". While obviously you're not going to be toting around personal items that weigh 50 tons and have three inches of armor plate, for what it's worth, the comparison is valid. For a personal item bag, like their namesake, Gators are built tough. Starting with one of the most durable textile materials available, 1000 weight CORDURA® nylon, we use a proprietary super strong UV resistant thread that is stitched into every seam.

Places where two separate pieces of fabric are stitched together are then bound, that is, we take a long piece of one inch wide nylon webbing and fold it over the edges of the two pieces and stitch them together; this creates a strong seam, or binding, that prevents the pieces from unraveling on the inside of the bag, or gives it a clean finished look if on the outside of the bag, such as along the gusseted pockets on the Gator.

These types of outside edges are bound using a thicker binding material. Inside edges typically receive the thinner nylon webbing, whereas outside corner edges that are exposed to wear will have a thicker nylon binding. All of our binding material is vertically woven to prevent fraying, peeling or splitting that you may commonly see in competitors bags that brag of "binding" their edges.

Each stress point, such as where the handles attach to the Gator, is double box stitched - which is where we get the "double XX" in our name, Red Oxx; a stitching practice we adapted from our service as parachute riggers.

The reason Red Oxx uses the largest zipper we can afford, the #10 YKK VISLON® zipper, is that they are easily repairable, even in the field; they will hold their place, that is, they "lock"; they are difficult to penetrate, thereby increasing the security of your belongings; they function smoothly in inclement weather and they can be yanked from a variety of angles without losing teeth or becoming separated. Since they're made of vinyl, they will never rust or require lubing.

Red Oxx has occasionally been accused of "overdoing" our hardware. But once you've had a cheap piece of plastic hardware break in the middle of a busy intersection, airport or other inconvenient locale dumping your precious belongings all over the ground, having a heavy-duty nickel-plated or stainless steel D ring or attachment swivel that weighs just a little more, or might be a little "jingly", is a travel companion's confidence builder and peace-of-mind maker. After all, you want to enjoy your journey as best you can. Why worry about having your Gator break down?

The famous fully adjustable Claw Shoulder Strap will not slip. Or carry it with the wraparound handle handclasp. Popular with the demanding business crowd and all the rage with the adventure travel crowd, Gator Travel Bags are durable companions for many uses: SLR camera bags, diaper bags, NetBooks or Tablets, C-pap bags, pistol range, you name it, the Gator will eat it. Consider it your "bag of all trades."

Place your order now to get your Gator on our production schedule. Your bag will then be shipped in under 14 working days. Like retirement, it's worth the wait.

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty.
Designed AND handmade in Billings, Montana USA.
UPS Transit Shipping Time Map.

Witness the birth of your bag and learn about the many steps it takes to handcraft your Gator.

Meet the thundering herd who build your gear with pride.

Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a UPS tracking information email when your order ships and a product review request follow-up email eight weeks after delivery. In addition, backorders beyond a dozen working days may receive an order follow-up assurance email. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our quarterly email newsletter. Your email address is secure.

Every great bag needs cool luggage accessories.

Dimensions: 12"L x 6"W x 9"H
Capacity: 648 cu. inches
Weight: 2.35 lbs

Pocket measurements:

  • Dual exterior gusseted pockets: 4.5"W x 7.5"H x 2.5"D (at opening)
  • Dual exterior flat slip pockets: 5"W x 7.5"H
  • Exterior zippered side flat pocket: 12"W x 6"D
  • Twin end elastic bottle pockets: 6"W x 6"W x 4"D (at opening)
  • Interior mesh pocket: 12" x 6"
  • Interior dual mesh slip pockets: 4"W x 4"D
  • Main compartment: 12"L x 6"W x 9"D

Gator Trivia: When Red Oxx President Perry Jones had young children he was embarassed to appear like he was carrying a diaper bag. After the kids grew out of their diapers, he wanted a decent range bag to take with him. The Gator held his pistols, magazines, ammo, ear muffs, safety glasses, gloves and targets. When Jim went to Africa, he brought along a Gator as his personal item. The name Gator was selected because a Gator is sly and stealthy and can quickly consume large prey, sometimes larger than itself, with it's enormous mouth.

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 This bag is AWESOME!!!
By Nicholas, Salt Lake City, March 22, 2012

I bought this bag for use as an all around carry on for my nerd gear. Initially I wanted something that I could put my 13" MacBook Air in with a little room to spare. This thing is so bad ass that I can fit my MacBook Air, my Canon 5d body and one or two lenses!

It's the perfect size -- not too big -- not too small!

Plus the bag is unique, yet humble. Allowing for a resourceful way to keep a low profile.

Pure awesomeness!!!
 Perfect 'personal bag' for travel
By Don P., Toronto, October 21, 2011

I was holding off on this review until I was able to put the bag to the test (same for my Sky Train review); I just got back from 20 days of travel in mainland China which, besides the round trip flight, included 2 more flights and a train ride.

This bag was brilliant as my personal carry-on....holds a lot of gear and does it in stride and style. Contents included: 11" mac air in sleeve, ipad, 2 books, headphone case (main compartment); phone, wallet, wires, gum, first-aid (side pockets); travel documents (back compartment).

This bag is very well built, and I've been recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks, Redoxx and your friendly staff.
 Great Bag
By Todd G., Bozeman, MT, October 20, 2011

This is a great bag and useful for so many things. It can carry an amazing amount and helps me keep things organized like power adapters and computer related items. It even carries my netbook nicely with room to spare. I do wish it had one more divider inside but that is really a small matter. Nice job!
 Not roomy enough
By Anonymous, Alberta, October 20, 2011

I ordered this bag online and was thrilled with the speedy delivery. It is a very high quality product, however, I was concerned that the bag wasn't quite big enough but decided to try it out to be sure. I have come to the conclusion that it is not large enough for my needs. Sadly I can't return it because I used it for a few days. I should have gone with my gut feeling and sent it back right away.
 Great bag
By Kim L., Missoula, October 13, 2011

Bought this bag for work and to use as a camera bag. It is fantastic. Well made, durable and a perfect size for everyday toting. The look is great as well. Great price for the utility.
 Perfect size
By Anonymous, Austin, TX, October 13, 2011

This is a great bag for so many occasions. The perfect size, it has beautiful hardware and lots of pockets. I ordered the gator because my friend has one, and it is able to withstand extreme conditions and it will last forever. I love it.
 Stealth carry on
By Orlando I4 driver, Orlando, florida, October 8, 2011

Gator bag is awesome! For those of you who travel regularly for business or pleasure, this is the bag for you. It limits you to only the stuff you need to take but has excess room to stash a few extra things inside. Very easy to maneuver aroundnin airports or public transportation. I own 2 gator bags, one for work, and one for my sons baby bag! I love red oxx products and own several; 2-market totes, 2-gator bags, 1-air boss, 1-sun chaser, 1-lil Roy, and 1-nomad shave kit. All I can saymis these bagsare awesome and they are the best built bags on the planet!
 I Love this bag!
By Terry Johnson, San Leandro, CA, September 11, 2011

I recently bought this Gator Bag to along with the Air Boss Bag. These worked perfectly for a weekend casual business trip.

Loved the quality and the ability to pack everything I needed with room to spare.
By Richard Davis, MAINE, August 22, 2011

The Gator bag just came in the mail today and I have already packed it with a change of clothes for my trip to Peru. I have one pair of shorts, one pair of pants, one thin shirt, one pair of socks, and one book. There is still more room with the pockets on the back. I bought the saffron (YELLOW) so that I can find my bag under the seat. I just ordered another for my friend. One question--How can this great bag be sold for this very low price?
 Well Built and Versatile
By Steve Tomshaw, Philadelphia, PA, August 18, 2011

I bought this bag to replace a backpack as my carry-on. The outside pockets are convenient and the main compartment is roomy enough for an iPad, sunglasses, camera, snacks, you name it. The shoulder strap does not slip! I will be using this bag much more often than I will be flying.
 Great purchase
By Joe, Florida, August 15, 2011

This bag is great. We got it to use it as a diaper bag for our first born son. It is great. It isn't overly large like many bags I see people carrying. It holds diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, pacifiers and has room to spare for other items. Like all Red Oxx bags it's all but bulletproof and looks great. I have no doubt this bag will have dozens of uses when we no longer need a diaper bag.
By Anonymous, Colorado, August 11, 2011

This is a sturdy bag that worked well for carrying my camera to Tazania as well as other needed items that I wanted to have with me at all times. The padding was great. The bag could use an internal zippered compartment, though for carrying a passport. I managed to put cash and credit cards inside the small unzipped pocket; however, since I was in and out of the bag frequently, these items would have been more secure in another zipped pocket of the inside of the bag. So, I recommend adding 2 zipped internal pockets on the sides of inside, leaving the body open for packing cameras, books, binocculars, etc.
 Excellent Bag
By Maggie J, Pennsylvania, July 9, 2011

Love this bag. I purchased it to carry by Nook, Ipod, Ipod speakers and my Pen Camera. Everything fits perfect. Not a lot of extra room after that, but I prefer these items fit snuggly so as not to get damaged. I will look to Red Oxx if I need another type travel bag!
 I love it!
By Doug Whipple, Bothell, Washington, April 21, 2011

I really love this bag. It is extremely well made, arrived quickly and is all I hoped it would be. It holds a lot of stuff, right now it has 4 hard back books, a note pad computer, pens, pencils and my cell phone. And, there is room for more. One of the best features is the no-slip shoulder strap. Once it is on your shoulder it isn't going anywhere. We are going to be ordering more RedOzz products for sure.
 Wonderful Bag!
By Jennie Hale, Gaithersburg, MD, April 7, 2011

I was looking for a solid, decent looking, everyday use bag-a daily driver, if you will. I am extremely hard on bags and backpacks, often over-filling, and throwing the bag around. I have destroyed so many bags over the years -I wanted one that could handle my life that would not break, tear or be impossible for me to find things inside of. I looked on sites all over the Internet. Finally it came down to either this bag, or the Chica. This bag won because of the strap, which has come in very handy, though the rings the strap rings on it seem like overkill.

However, I am so impressed with the quality of the bag that I cannot even mark this as a negative- believe the hype. This is an extremely well made, top quality bag that is durable, handles overstuffing well, and fit the entire contents of a large messenger bag into it's foam protection with room to spare. I love this bag, I tell everyone I know about Red Oxx, and I will be back soon to buy other bags! Thank You, Red Oxx employees for making such a wonderful product!
 Style meets function
By Locomotive Driver, Roanoke, Va, March 24, 2011

As far as carrying only the essentials I need on my overnight trips or daylight runs, this bag meets my expectations. Heavy duty shoulder strap STAYS on my shoulder as I crawl through rail cars and onto engines or to hurry back to register off. I still can't believe how much I can fit into a bag of this size. God Bless the Americans who build these bags.
 solid bag
By Lee, Liverpool, January 18, 2011

Had my Gator for over 2 years now, we use it as a gear bag, day bag/diaper bag and general carry bag. Still looks new and does the jobs its asked of. We bought a diaper bag when we had our first child and the bag lasted 6 months before the zipper gave way and died, enter the gator for diaper duty. It takes care of many needs with ease, still looks like new, great solid bag. Thanks.
 Great bag, love it!
By Todd, MI, Greater Detroit, December 31, 2010

I got the Gator in early Dec to use as a daily, small travel bag to carry cords, small electronics, misc. stuff. It is a lot bigger than it appears and the quality is fantastic. I love the shoulder strap because it just works. I only wish that it had some more internal organization pockets. Great product!! I am sure that this will not be my last purchase.
 So versatile
By Anonymous, Washington, dc, December 30, 2010

I do not think I have used this bag for the same thing twice-the design is so versatile. I have:

1-tossed in a few drinks,food and blue ice packs to make it a small cooler(padding helps insulate)

2-used as a fishing tackle box-tide charts,weights,lures,hooks in outside snap pockets, reel and bait inside with plastic bag for catch, side pockets for pliers and drink

3-camera bag

4- overnight bag-large kindle fits in mesh pocket - phone,charger,earphones etc in end pockets for easy inflight access

5-tool bag-drill,spare battery ,bits,duct tape, level in interior, leather man,tape measure,drink,penlight in outside end pockets for easy access...begs to be used
 One well-traveled bag
By Robert, Great Falls, December 8, 2010

I've had this bag for four years now, and thought it was time for a review.

It's been a camera bag in Australia, New Zealand, Qatar and Italy was well as numerous domestic US trips. Goes to the ball game with a scoring book, binoculars, emergency rain gear, sandwich and bottle of water. When I commuted by public transportation, it carried lunch, iPod, coffee thermos and more.

As a camera bag, it can hold a dSLR, 3 lenses, travel flash, mini-tripod, cables, battery chargers, etc, a backup point & shoot, and more, like change of underwear and socks, a clean shirt and a 3-1-1 emergency kit if needed.

Still looks like the day it was built.
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Red Oxx Gator Bag Specs Chart

  • "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed AND made in Billings, Montana USA
  • Fabric: 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified CORDURA® Nylon
  • Weather resistant (NOT waterproof)
  • 400 weight denier soft red nylon lining
  • Detachable Claw no-slip adjustable shoulder strap
  • All zippers #10 YKK VISLON® self-locking
  • Nylon webbing zipper pull grab loops
  • Thread: #92 bonded Solar Max Nylon
  • All seams double stitched and bound
  • Double box stitched seams on all stress points
  • 3250 welded D-rings, nickel plated
  • Stainless steel Mil-Spec snaps with Red Oxx logo
  • Wraparound handclasp with Mil-Spec snaps
  • Fair trade Monkey Fist Zip Knots on all zippers
  • Free heavy-duty vinyl luggage tag
  • Embroidered Logo Patches
  • Double box stitching on stress points such as carry handles
  • 4 lb. Volara closed cell foam padding
  • Includes Cable Lock
  • Available in 12 vibrant colors
  • US Dimensions: 12"L x 6"W x 9"H
  • Metric Dimensions: 30.5cm L x 15.2cm W x 22.9cm H
  • US Capacity: 648 Cubic Inches
  • Metric Capacity: 10.6 Liters
  • US Weight: 2.35 Pounds
  • Metric Weight: 1.07 Kilos

Gator Carry-on Bag Color Translator

  • Amethyst = Purple
  • Black
  • Bordeaux = Dark Red
  • Coal = Gray
  • Forest = Green
  • Khaki = Tan
  • Mariner = Blue
  • Midnight = Dark Blue
  • Olive = Military Green
  • Red
  • Saffron = Yellow
  • Safari = 1940s Olive Drab

Keep in mind: Colors on your monitor will vary from the actual color of the fabric. The only way to accurately gauge a color is to request a swatch.

If out of stock, orders are typically filled within 14 working days. Call 1-888-733-6999 or email for details.

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Red Oxx "No Bull" Warranty

As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough.

To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himilayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible.

Red Oxx Bags are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will.

Red Oxx Lifetime No Bull Warranty - No Questions Asked. Ironclad. Guaranteed. Forever. Period.
Made in U.S.A.

Red Oxx Bags are handcrafted in Billings, Montana. U.S.A.

Made in Montana
Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Gator meet the airline's personal item standards?
Yes, and you can fit the bag under the seat, too.
Will my laptop fit in the middle compartment?
Most netbooks, iPads, Tablets and "mini" laptops will fit with room to spare, but probably not a full size laptop (17" plus).
Will my work files fit inside?
If you want a briefcase that will hold your files and a laptop, look into our Briefcase line, specifically the Metro and the wider CPA.
Can the Gator double as an SLR camera bag?
Yes, the Gator makes for a perfect SLR camera bag due to it's generous, yet practical size, its full wrap around padding and handy pockets.
What are the differences between the Gator and the Metro and / or CPA?
The Metro and CPA are specifically designed to be laptop business briefcases, whereas the Gator is more of a general multipurpose day bag.
Will the iPad, iPad II or most other Tablets fit inside?
Yes, the Gator makes an ideal Tablet bag. Tablets will tuck nicely into the interior flat panel pocket and are protected by the bag's padding.
Will the Gator compact carry-on fit into the Air Boss central compartment?
We don't recommend inserting the Gator into the Air Boss. The results would be too bulky.
Are there any interior pockets?
It has one flat panel pocket with pouches for smaller items and writing instruments.
Can I fit my C-pap machine inside?
The Gator is an ideal C-pap bag.
My zipper broke. The teeth have separated. Do I send it in for warranty repair?
No need for warranty repair, fix it yourself. Check out this video where CEO Jim Markel shows how easy it is to do it yourself.
Is there a way to securely lock my bag?
Sure, you can use any TSA approved bag lock or try our Cable Lock for a simple, semi-secure solution. Watch this video where CEO Jim Markel demonstrates how you can use the cable that comes with the product Dog Tag price tag to secure your bag. Keep in mind, any determined thief can still cut open a soft sided bag with a sharp knife.
Can you ship USPS?
Yes, Red Oxx will ship USPS upon request. Simply state, "Please ship USPS" in the cart comments during checkout and we will adjust your billing accordingly.