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Tell Us About Your Adventure


Red Oxx products are inspired and refined by the stories our customers tell us about their adventures around the world. We also simply love cool photos of the fun places you've explored while packing Red Oxx gear. Got a story to tell?

Readers of want to know about means of travel, why you chose to bring certain gear, or any discoveries of great places.

On the next page we'll ask you about any photos you can share...

If we publish your story as an Adventure Journal, we'll thank you with your choice of a free Rigger Wallet or Market Tote.
Red Oxx Tote and Wallet


At the end of the year, we pick a "best of the best" winner and offer another prize.

Red Oxx Dog Tags

Just for telling us your story, we'd be glad to send you a handful of free Monkey Fists.

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