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Red Oxx Rigger Wallet - Nylon Velcro Tri-fold shown in olive

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4.59 Average Rating
 (127 Reviews)

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 Only a fool tests the water with both feet.
By , Chicago, January 19, 2012

I have been looking for a good quality carry-on bag for about a year. I learned about Red Oxx from an article in AutoWeek magazine. I went to the Red Oxx site and saw their carry-on selection. I was looking for something that would last, but leather was too "flashy." Not my style. My last two carry-ons suffered terminal zipper failure and neither manufacturer would bother to fix them. But before I spent $200 on a bag, I figured why not buy the wallet first? I could check out the materials and construction. Plus it seems as if Red Oxx stands behind their products. The wallet is very nice. Holds all my cards (and my meagre cash stash) and is not too thick even with the zipper. I think now I'm ready to order that carry-on bag. My annual trip to Las Vegas in April is coming fast!
 Rugged Wallet
By , NC, December 24, 2011

Could use a couple more slots for cards. Might not be good for people who carry in their back pocket because of big zipper. This wallet is built to last a long time!
 Rigger Wallet
By , , December 23, 2011

Very satisfied with the construction and materials used in the wallet. Use a plasict card window insert and there is even room for that. But (minor point) wished there was another wallet pocket to place the tail of the insert (very minor point)
 perfect wallet
By , Tucson, AZ, November 17, 2011

My wife yelled at me for wanting to spend $25 on a velcro wallet... She said she has one and I can use it. I say I know which one you're talking about and I don't want it. I want this one.

It comes and it's exactly what I expected. Great quality! My favorite part is the oversized ID window. Too many wallets barely give you enough room to put your ID in, let alone read it once it's in!

I will be placing more RedOxx orders in the future!
 Great Wallet
By , CA, November 2, 2011

Great wallet! Very light, and hardly noticeable in pocket. The zipper does make a lump, but it has been no problem whatsoever. The zipper is a very high quality zipper, and make the lump worth it. I don't see this zipper breaking down anytime soon. I'm storing some back up medication in that compartment, which is made a little "baggy" to accommodate a good amount of whatever it is you want to put in there. Wallet also has a very nice, and deep pocket for money. Great wallet!
 happy hubby
By , Batavia, Il., October 27, 2011

I ordered this wallet for my hubs for his birthday and HE LOVES IT! (and me) Thank you! It is nice looking and so functional. Fits all his stuff and his jeans pocket! Comfy to sit on! EXCELLENT customer service, also! Thanks again!
 Lots of pockets for wads of cash
By , Bozeman, MT, October 20, 2011

I like this wallet except I'm not big on Velcro closures on wallets. It makes a lot of noise when you tear it open and my experience with other closures like this is that they wear out over a short period of time. There are an amazing number of pockets in this wallet and it is very well made.
 Built like a Tank
By , East Greenbush, NY, October 13, 2011

Great wallet but the zipper is too big and makes a lump. I added some flip transparent pockets from my previous wallet because there is only one clear pocket and you have to have a place for pictures of the kids. It is super rugged and should last for years. Well worth the price and the company is great to deal with.
 almost perfect.
By , DESERET, October 6, 2011

ALMOST PERFECT. zipper on interior pocket is way to big! if you keep your wallet in your back pocket you'll want to take a razor blade and cut it out as i did. now its the best wallet I ever had. I did mine with a razor blade a leatherman and a lighter. the zipper is that which is used on luggage, which is great on luggage. to bulk for your bill fold, now its a nice pocket where I keep my visa. holds big boy checks and 2 piles of money with ease.
 "Oh Ya"
By , SoCal, August 25, 2011

A "Stroke of Genious"

Got my girlfriend a Red Oxx Rigger (in blue).

Now she uses it at the beach, hikin', campin', etc. and leaves her bag, and full on stuffed wallet/accessories behind. No more burryin' herfully stuffed handbag at the campsite......

Thanks Red Oxx......
 Excellent All Purpose Wallet
By , , July 31, 2011

Switched from a classic leather bifold wallet to the rigger for an overseas trip. Don't intend to go back. The depth of the currency pocket is very useful for foreign currencies and the card holders work fine. Didn't find much use for the coin pocket however. Product is very well made, the Velcro works great to hold it closed and meets what we expect of Red Oxx.
 Nice Wallet
By , Virginia, July 6, 2011

I ordered this for my husband. He likes a bright colored wallet (I got him the yellow) because in the past his wallet has fallen out of his pocket when he forgot to take it out while he was driving the tractor, and he wanted something that would be easy to spot if it happened again. Nicely made, just wish it had more slots for cards, etc. instead of the change pouch. Only time will tell if it holds up better than the cheap nylon velcro wallet this new wallet is replacing.
 Great wallet... except for the zipper
By , Portland, OR, April 28, 2011

First off... I really do love my new rigger wallet. It is sturdy, durable and not just a "run-of-the mill" product. It has the same quality as every other Red Oxx product that I own (plenty).

I have one complaint... and that is of the zipper. It is too large and thick, and adds a significant "bump" to the thin profile of the wallet. My plan is to cut the zipper out with an exacto-knife... and then buy a replacement if Red Oxx ever redesigns it without the unnecessary (for me) zippered pocket.
 needs a modification
By , Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2011

nice and slim wallet with good craftsmanship.

I don't use it on a daily basis. I only use this during traveling and camping. and so far, it has been durable.

I would love to see a small handle to be added to the wallet, so I can link my short pickpocket safe chain to the handle or a small climbing hook.

RED OXX keep up the good work. seems like you are the only American made product that's durable and awesome!
 Rigger wallet
By , , April 15, 2011

The wallet is ok. A bit larger than I wanted, but still practical. Workmanship appears to be good, but will see how it holds up over time. I opted out of emails, but still received a request for a product review so Red Oxx loses a star. Though not a big deal, I prefer not to get this stuff.
 Awesome wallet
By , Wisconsin, April 14, 2011

Quality construction and MADE IN AMERICA
 Rigger wallet - love it
By , Austin, TX, March 24, 2011

I've carried a surfer-style tri-fold nylon wallet for years, and have worn out three of them. These days a good one is nearly impossible to find in the stores, so I've been carrying a cheapo that wore out quickly. Then I found the Red Oxx Rigger Wallet and it is exactly what I wanted. Even comes in my favorite color for a wallet - Red. It is a little larger than ones I've had in the past but the extra room in the bill compartment is handy. I like the wallet very much with the exception of one feature. Others have spoken favorably about the zippered compartment, and while I like the idea of it, I found the zipper pull handle too large to sit on comfortably. I immediately snipped the zipper pull handle off with some cutters, and I'm perfectly happy with the result. An option to have a velcro sealed compartment instead of zippered might be nice.
By , Lowell, MA, November 11, 2010

This wallet is just what I expected. It is made to last and has the slim size to it that allows me to place it in my front pocket. Please consider making phone holders for work to hold larger Nextel type phones along with mini flashlights. That type of product would be great for the techs. of the world. Thanks!
 Still Happy
By , Nomadic, October 28, 2010

Received the wallet in June, and it is still holding up well. It is configured very nicely and is easy to adapt to. The center card pocket does get overstuffed, the zipper opening is just a hair to small to put credit cards into, and the Yellow color is very nice but dirties easily. I wash it with an old toothbrush, then Scotch Guard it to prevent smells.

This review is from my second order of a wallet, the "Mariner" color is very bold. Nice looking. The stitching and workmanship is equal to mine.
 Well designed, but fabric retains odors
By , , October 17, 2010

This wallet is very well designed and fits all my needs perfectly (very large bill compartment, zippered compartment for change). It also seems to be very durable; I've used it for 6 months and it barely shows signs of wear. The one downside of the wallet is that the fabric tends to retain odor. I carry the wallet during many outdoor activities (hiking, biking, ...). The wallet was greak for about 3 months, but now I find I have to wash it about once a week or there is a noticeable odor. The odor now seems to return very quickly even after washing.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell the plastic card holders?
Typical plastic card holders probably won't work for the Rigger Wallet. It has only two places for cards.
Are there any other styles of wallet?
Red Oxx is always looking for inventive ways to carry money and identification. There are RFID protected and Passport Style prototype wallets in the pipeline.
What's with the big coin pocket zipper?
The big zipper is one of our trademark features on all our bags, so the idea carried over to the Rigger Wallet. However, to accommodate complaints regarding discomfort using that zipper, we reduced the size. This one is a number 5, so it's actually about half the size of our typical bag zippers.
Can you ship USPS?
Yes, Red Oxx will ship USPS upon request. Simply state, "Please ship USPS" in the cart comments during checkout and we will adjust your billing accordingly.
“I'll keep your cash safe from wall street.”

Rigger Wallet $25.00

91025-AmethystIn stock25
91025-BlackIn stock25
91025-BordeauxIn stock25
91025-CoalIn stock25
91025-ForestIn stock25
91025-KhakiIn stock25
91025-MarinerIn stock25
91025-MidnightIn stock25
91025-OliveIn stock25
91025-RedIn stock25
91025-SafariIn stock25
91025-SaffronIn stock25


In Stock

In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

Stash your cash! A colored nylon tri-fold wallet ready for your next adventure...

As rugged as the man who needs one.

Finding a cool color wallet has always been a challenge. Each person has their own idea of what the perfect men's tri-fold wallet should be. The Red Oxx version is as classic as your favorite pair of 501s.

Back in our military days a Rigger Wallet was highly sought after. We Parachute Riggers would trade making a wallet for covering a weekend detail, for example. The Red Oxx Rigger Wallet gets the same high quality attention to detail as all our gear. Imagine a wallet that is rugged, reliable and tough.

CORDURA® Nylon and Velcro make a great combination for a durable field wallet. If you're constantly getting soaked and dried out, a leather wallet will crack and then rot away. Thus the origin of the surfer wallet and their popularity among surfers. The Rigger Wallet is modeled after these surfer style wallets.

Deliberately designed to be extra deep to carry foreign bills from countries where inflation is rampant and the cash is extra large. Ahem, beware America! The zippered coin pocket is the perfect place to keep a few Kopecks handy for the parking meter or stuff your hideaway key in there. Another favorite feature is the clear vinyl window for your I.D. This makes for a quick and easy trip through security checkpoints.

"I tested this on several flights and had no problem leaving my I.D. in the wallet." ~Jim Markel CEO

Our wallet materials are designed to handle field abuse. Since it's made of water resistant CORDURA® Nylon fabric, instead of leather, it's classified as a "vegan wallet."

Featuring 12 vibrant colors to choose from, finding a favorite colored wallet for your cash, cards and IDs just got a little easier!

"Having lost a black wallet in the field, I now carry a red one..."

U.S.A. Dimensions:
Closed 4.75"L x 3.5"W x 1/2"H.
Open 10.75"L x 4.75"W.

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty. Red Oxx lasts longer.
Designed AND hand made in Billings, Montana U.S.A..
UPS Transit Shipping Time Map.

Meet the thundering herd who build your gear with pride.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

EMAIL POLICY: Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a UPS tracking information email when your order ships and a product review request follow-up email eight weeks after delivery. In addition, backorders beyond a dozen working days may receive an order follow-up assurance email. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our other occasional email notifications. Your email address is always secure.


  • Fabric: 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified CORDURA® Nylon fabric
  • Weather resistant (NOT waterproof)
  • Thread: #92 bonded SolarMax Nylon
  • All seams double stitched and bound
  • Velcro® closure
  • Embroidered logos and tag
  • Middle pocket for quick access credit / debit cards
  • Middle hidden pocket for extra credit / debit cards
  • Rigger Pocket Wallets available in 12 vibrant colors
  • #5 YKK auto-locking zipper coin pocket
  • No animal products used - pure vegan wallet
  • "No bull" lifetime warranty
  • Designed AND made in the U.S.A.
  • Closed U.S.A. Dimensions: 4.75"L x 3.5"W x 1/2"H
  • Closed Metric Dimensions: 12.1cm L x 38.9cm W x 1 .3cm H
  • Open U.S.A. Dimensions: 10.75"L x 4.75"W
  • Open Metric Dimensions: 27.3cm L x 12.1cm W

Rigger Wallet Color Translator

  • Amethyst = Purple
  • Raven = Black
  • Bordeaux = Dark Red
  • Coal = Gray
  • Forest = Dark Green
  • Khaki = Dark Tan
  • Mariner = Blue
  • Midnight = Dark Blue
  • Olive = Military Green
  • Red
  • Saffron = Yellow
  • Safari = 1940s Olive Drab

Keep in mind: Colors on your monitor will vary from the actual color of the wallet's fabric. The only way to accurately gauge a color is to request a swatch.

Questions? Visit our Customer Service Help Desk or call our Toll Free Hot Line: 1-888-733-6999.

Red Oxx "No Bull" Warranty

As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough.

To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himalayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible.

Red Oxx Bags are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will.

Red Oxx Lifetime No Bull Warranty - No Questions Asked. Ironclad. Guaranteed. Forever. Period.
Made in U.S.A.

Red Oxx Bags are handcrafted in Billings, Montana. U.S.A.

Made in Montana
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