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Red Oxx Travel Basket Portable Key Tray Valet - in Saffron. Choose from 12 colors.

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 (105 Reviews)

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 No Nonsense Basket
By , Anaheim and fullerton, California, August 15, 2011

Just found a solution for the storing of my cell phone and computer headset when not in use on the computer. The basket, I got it in red, sits on my laptop table and perfectly fits my cell phone which I'm always looking at for incoming texts and my headset as well as my flash drive, also when not in use. Seems these items always get scattered around and this is the perfect place for them. Easily reached, fits perfectly, looks pretty on my table. Now the other one I bought will probably go on my dresser and hold my watch at night so I don't have to rouse the cat off the jewelry box in the morning to get it. Thanks Redoxx. You came through, again.
 So useful
By , Washington DC, August 11, 2011

I didn't think I'd use this that much. Bought it on a whim, but it makes travel, or even staying at a friend's house, SO great. The following things come out of my pockets or off my person every day: money clip, card case, smartphone, cigarettes, lighter, keys, change, 2 rings, necklace. To have 1 catch-all place to keep that when in a strange bedroom is INVALUABLE. I recommend getting a bold color like the saffron yellow to make it pop out that much more against unfamiliar furniture. It's more padded than I thought it would be, but still flattens out nicely in my Air Boss suitcase. Well made and worth the money.
By , Gautier, MS, July 7, 2011

Where has this been all my life? Now everything will be in one place when I travel and I won't worry about knocking everything to the floor - or losing something. Love the fact that it packs flat and snaps together in seconds. And the bright yellow (saffron) means I can find it even without my glasses.

Way to go, guys!
 Great in its simplicity
By , Sweden, June 5, 2011

I always have lots of small items (key, coins, ID etc) in my pocket when I arrive at the Hotel. I bought a black Sky Train and this handy Travel Basket (Saffron color). Now I do not lose time searching after small items in different parts of the Hotelroom.

Would buy one more (Red color) for myself at a reasonable shipping rate (and maybe as a gift for travelling friends who could apreciate the value of this simple innovation).

Highly recommended.
 Keeps things from getting lost!
By , Glassboro, NJ, May 16, 2011

I bought one of these in Saffron color after staying a few days in a hotel and having to search for things I put down either on the desk or the dresser. The bright Saffron color makes it easy to spot with sleep filled eyes in the early morning hours and you can easily make out your items sitting in the tray. When it comes time to pack, you unsnap the corners and it fits into any luggage as a flat piece of material. At home, I have been using it on a daily basis on my dresser and am planning to buy another just for home use. If you love to be organized like me, you'll want to get one of these.
 Beautiful Product!
By , Vancouver, Canada, April 2, 2011

The product holds more than I thought it would. I can't believe I didn't come up with the idea for something like this. It is a much needed product in the marketplace.

Keep up the good work, Red Oxx.
 An idiot-proof basket!
By , Kansas City, February 10, 2011

Wow, what a great idea for those of us idiots who regular lose something important during hotel stays! I bought the bright saffron one so that even I couldn't miss it. Now everything that's important is always in one convenient place in every hotel room. Thanks!
 Valet with attitude!
By , Stewartstown, PA, February 10, 2011

I travel extensively and this product fills a niche perfectly! Whether I'm in Qatar or Belgium I have wanted a valet to dump change, keys, etc into at the hotel. This product comes in great colors, packs well being unsnapped and looks like it would be at home strapped to the top of a Land Rover instead of sitting casually on my hotel bureau!! My recommendation -- BUY ONE!
 Excellent Quality Basket
By , Crossville, TN, January 6, 2011

This is a heavy duty basket that folds flat to pack in your suitcase. Great for travel so you can store all your change, watch and other items in one place. I suggest the bright yellow so it stands out and won't be easy to leave behind.
 Gave as a gift-need one for myself!
By , Washington, dc, December 30, 2010

Bought this as a gift for my son who travels quite a bit-in yellow to make it easier to spot in a hotel room...first thing I did though was snap it together and throw(literally) in all the stuff from my own pockets-cell,keys,pocketknife,wallet,money clip...caught it all- and the padding temped me to toss the phone in several more times to test it-no problem-protects wife says I need one-to use at home! I agree:)
 Very Handy
By , Billings, MT, November 21, 2010

This is a simple, but very handy luggage accessory. Just unload from you bag, snap together, and fill with all the junk from your pockets.

I used mine for a full week on the road and I always knew where my things would be in the morning.
 Beware of shipping to the UK
By , London, UK, November 18, 2010

I spent time looking for a travel tray as I need somewhere to keep my hotel key, glasses, change etc when I travel (a lot) and this looked like the idea product.

Great Colours, very well made and fantastic quality, just one thing, the cost of delivery! I thought the cost of $45 was rather high for the product delivered when compared with other items I have brought from the US. Why use a courier company such as UPS when a cheaper alternative such as US postal service could be used?

The cost of delivery was more than double the individual item cost and I had to give a lot of thought to whether to purchase or not. I could understand if it was one of the bags, but something like the travel tray - bad move! I would have to think seriously again about purchsing from this company again.
 Need Another!
By , Maple Ridge, BC, November 4, 2010

I bought one of these for travel so I can have everything in one place in a hotel room/condo. It works like a charm. It works so well - and I'm so forgetful about where I leave things - that I need to get one for at home too.

As with all Red Oxx products, materials and craftsmanship are top notch.
 International Travel
By , Port Washington, Wisconsin, October 29, 2010

After misplacing small items during trips in Tunisia and Botswana, I was looking for something that would prevent these occurrences in the future. TADA! A saffron tray! Just the ticket!
 Love it!
By , Helena, MT, October 12, 2010

Good afternoon. I enjoyed meeting you at the MMEC conference in Billings last week and the tour of your shop. Thanks for the travel basket as well - my husband thinks it is way cool (he always has a lot of stuff he unloads from his pockets so it will be nice to have one place to put them - it is even big enough to hold his carry piece!).

I love the purple color, but I especially love the idea that when we travel, he can keep his stuff al in one place instead of me having to chase all over the hotel room to find it for him!

Keep up the great work!
 Great for the traveler
By , Montana, October 11, 2010

No more no less. Travels like it's not even there. Works perfect for what it was designed for; crap from your pockets. Buy one. Make a great gift.
 LIke It
By , Madison, Wisconsin, September 16, 2010

I always wanted one of these travel trays and now I have one. It worked perfectly on a recent trip.
 LOVE this little tray!
By , Bloomington, IN, September 2, 2010

I absolutely love this ingenious tray!!! When I first purchased this, my husband laughed at me! When I used it on our next trip, HIS stuff filled the tray! I've just purchased one for him as a Christmas gift. No more tray envy!
 Versatile - but wish it was bigger
By , Michigan, August 19, 2010

I've had two of these for several years - one in each of two travel kits - and have used them heavily. They're a great product, and work great for a mousepad when the desk in the room's too reflective for an optical mouse to work.

I do wish, though, that there was another model available, about 50% larger in all dimensions. If (or when) one becomes available, I'll get several immediately - one in blue, two in Safari, and one in black.
 Buy 2
By , Quincy, MA, August 8, 2010

I travel extensively for business and almost always outside the US. I just purchased my second travel basket after deciding that one was just not enough. One holds my passport (it's the prefect size), money and other valuables in the hotel safe, while the other sits by the bed to hold my room key, flashlight and miscellaneous pocket contents.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a dog bowl?
We don't recommend using the Travel Basket as a dog bowl.
What are the snaps for?
When snapped together, they hold the sides up.
How do you use the Travel Basket?
Easy, simply snap the snaps together and the valet is ready for your keys, wallet, glasses, change, you name it.
Is it waterproof?
All Red Oxx products are water resistant, not waterproof. Each stitch accounts for a hole in the fabric.
How do I pack the Travel Basket?
Unsnap the snaps and unfold flat. It takes up hardly any room at all.
Can you ship USPS?
Yes, Red Oxx will ship USPS upon request. Simply state, "Please ship USPS" in the cart comments during checkout and we will adjust your billing accordingly.
“No, I'm NOT a dog bowl. I'm a valet.”

Travel Basket $20.00

91006-AmethystIn stock20
91006-BlackIn stock20
91006-BordeauxIn stock20
91006-CoalIn stock20
91006-ForestIn stock20
91006-KhakiIn stock20
91006-MarinerIn stock20
91006-MidnightIn stock20
91006-OliveIn stock20
91006-RedIn stock20
91006-SafariIn stock20
91006-SaffronIn stock20


In Stock

In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

Honey, where's the room key? Look in the valet Tray!

Never misplace your pocket travel essentials again.

The preferred way to keep your pocket goods accounted for when you're traveling or even if you're not. This nifty little portable coin tray catchall is ideal for your car keys, room keycard, smartphone, pocket change, sunglasses, any loose pocket items you want handy, but not stuffed in your pockets while you chill. Available in 12 stunning colors, some folks pick a bright color like red or saffron so they can quickly spot their Travel Basket on the hotel nightstand and not forget their important pocket items.

The exposed fabric edges on the Travel Basket's rim are bound using a thick binding material. All of our binding material is vertically woven to prevent fraying, peeling or splitting that you may commonly see in competitors valets that brag of "binding" their edges. Inside the bottom there's 4 lb. Volara closed cell foam padding and the fold-up walls are padded with Hollowfill to cushion your valuables.

The Red Oxx Travel Basket key tray is also a must-have catchall accessory for your office, dorm room, camping tent or home. Simply snap the sides up and you have a padded coin valet for spare change and the like.

For travel convenience, simply unsnap it flat for easy storage in your luggage, it's only 1/4 inch thick. The padding can even protect a treasured item packed in your bag. Buy two or more travel baskets, you'll always find a use for more than one! Hint : camping, road trips, at home, in the office...

We can embroider your company logo onto the tray's bottom (replaces our logo) for affordable and appreciated employee or client travel gifts (minimum corporate orders apply, call 1-888-733-6999 to speak with a representative).

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty.
Designed AND handmade in Billings, Montana USA.
UPS Transit Shipping Time Map.

Witness the birth of your bag and learn about the many steps it takes to handcraft your Travel Basket.

Meet the thundering herd who build your gear with pride.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a UPS tracking information email when your order ships and a product review request follow-up email eight weeks after delivery. In addition, backorders beyond a dozen working days may receive an order follow-up assurance email. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our other occasional email notifications. Your email address is secure.

Every great bag needs cool accessories.

Dimensions: 7"L x 4.5"W x 2"D (snapped into tray position)
10.5"L x 8"W x 1/4"H (unsnapped flat)
Weight: 3.2 Ounces.

Red Oxx Travel Basket is a Staff Pick.


  • Fabric: 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified CORDURA® Nylon
  • Weather resistant (NOT waterproof)
  • 4 lb. Volara closed cell foam padding base
  • Thread: #92 bonded SolarMax Nylon
  • Hollowfill padded side walls
  • Stainless steel Mil-Spec snaps with Red Oxx logo
  • Embroidered Logo Patches
  • Choose from 12 vibrant colors
  • Designed AND made in the USA
  • "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty
  • U.S.A. Dimensions Tray Position: 7"L x 4.5"W x 2"D
  • Metric Dimensions Tray Position: 17.8cm L x 11.4cm W x 5cm D
  • U.S.A. Dimensions Flat: 10.5"L x 8"W x 1/4"H
  • Metric Dimensions Flat: 26.7cm L x 20.3cm W x .6cm H
  • U.S.A. Weight: 3.2 Ounces
  • Metric Weight: 90 Grams

Travel Basket Color Translator

  • Amethyst = Purple
  • Black
  • Bordeaux = Dark Red
  • Coal = Gray
  • Forest = Green
  • Khaki = Tan
  • Mariner = Blue
  • Midnight = Dark Blue
  • Olive = Military Green
  • Red
  • Saffron = Yellow
  • Safari = 1940s Olive Drab

Keep in mind: Colors on your monitor will vary from the actual color of the fabric. The only way to accurately gauge a color is to request a swatch.

Questions? Visit our Customer Service Help Desk or call our Toll Free Hot Line: 1-888-733-6999.

Red Oxx "No Bull" Warranty

As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough.

To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himalayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible.

Red Oxx Bags are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will.

Red Oxx Lifetime No Bull Warranty - No Questions Asked. Ironclad. Guaranteed. Forever. Period.
Made in U.S.A.

Red Oxx Bags are handcrafted in Billings, Montana. U.S.A.

Made in Montana
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