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Red Oxx Lady Stardust Gift Card - from $25 to $500


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 Ditty Bag and Gift Cards
By , Danielsville, GA, October 31, 2014

Purchased the Nomad Shave Kit for me and my two sons, and then two $50 gift cards for upcoming high school grads. Glad to put my money toward a quality American made product and a fellow Military family. This was wrote by his tired dependent wife, hope I spelled everything right ;)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping included with the gift card amount?
Yes, all shipping is added to the amount of your purchase. If your shipping exceeds your gift card amount you will need to use a valid credit card to complete your purchase.
Can I send a gift card to anyone without it being shipped to me first?
Yes, you are free to send your gift card to anyone on your list. Simply fill out their address in the shipping to form during checkout.
Do your gift cards ever expire?
There is no expiration date on our gift cards.
How does one redeem their gift card?
Simply fill out the gift card redemption number located at the top of the back of the card in the redemption form box during checkout. If your purchase exceeds the amount you will be prompted to pay for your purchase with a valid credit card.
“I’m Lady Stardust. I’ve got a gift for you.”

Pinup Gift Card $25.00 - $500.00

92113-025In stock25
92113-050In stock50
92113-100In stock100
92113-250In stock250
92113-500In stock500
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In Stock

In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

Don’t know which bag to give?

Give them a gift card they’ll want to pin up.

Not sure what kind of bag your gift recipient needs? Or what their favorite color is? Decisions can be so stressful! Let Lady Stardust help you solve your problem. Buy a Pinup gift card and leave the decisions to your gift recipient.

Our cool pinup gift card's design is reminiscent of the classic pinup girls from the 1940s, when American bomber crews named their aircraft after girlfriends or wives back home and painted their portraits on the nose. Here Lady Stardust, named after a genuine B-17 bomber, offers up the personal choice of a Red Oxx bag ready for your recipient's next adventure.

Gift Cards make fine wedding presents, anniversary gifts, birthday presents, corporate rewards or Christmas gifts for those "hard to shop for" friends, relatives and associates on your list. So, for all you procrastinators, a Gift Card is the way to go.

Red Oxx gift cards come in five practical denominations of $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500. Each gift card comes in its own specially designed paper sleeve with room for your name, your recipient's name, and a personal comment.

To have a personal comment included on a gift card shipped directly to your recipient, simply fill out your remark in the comment box during checkout. The boxes will be handwritten by our Customer Service team. Please note: you’re limited to 25 characters in the comment box.

Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a USPS tracking information email, and a review request followup email eight weeks after delivery. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our other occasional email notifications. Your email address is always secure.

Gift cards ship free (standard mail only). Special 2-day USPS Priority Mail available for $5.85 -- simply request in comment box during checkout and your card will be charged accordingly..

Pinup Girl Lady Stardust Trivia
Pinup girls were popular during the Second World War and were deemed a valuable morale builder for servicemen overseas. The name "pinup" came from the pictures of the girls printed in large format magazines which could be easily torn out from the magazine and "pinned up" on a barracks wall. The theme transferred over to the bomber crews as they were allowed to personalize their aircraft.

Paintings of "pinup" girls often adorned the noses of bomber planes such as B-17s, B-25s, B-26s, and B-29s. Along with the painted picture of a pretty pinup girl, the crews would also assign a name to their aircraft. Lady Stardust the II was a B-17 Flying Fortress that belonged to the 452nd bomber group in 1944.

Pilot Milan Merecek was commanding the bomber on a mission to enemy occupied Czechoslovakia when the B-17 above them exploded. Over a hundred German fighters were swarming the formation. The flak debris, including a parachuting crew member from the exploded plane smashed off the glass front nose and pieces tore through the fuselage, wounding several gunners while 20mm cannon rounds killed the engineer and top turret gunner.

Radioman Sergeant Dwight Miller took over command, issuing first aid, orders and oxygen to his wounded comrades. While the plane managed to full fill its bombing mission, the damage to two of the engines from the aerial battle was too great to complete the flight home over the English Channel. Lady Stardust landed in the channel and the crew bailed out and waited for rescue. Lady Stardust may have ended its journey but most of the crew lived to fly again.

Survivor Sergeant Miller recalled this chilling tale of the Lady Stardust's final mission, here in his own words (note, this is a gruesome real life account of the war in the air, not for the squeamish!):

"Our radio room had the old open hatch and I could see and hear everything plainly. The sky was full of tracers. In the smoke a tail and parts of a fuselage went past. Some ships were on fire and 846 to the right was flaming from the Number 3. Focke Wulfs came right over us. Two exploded to the right, one to the left, and some were on fire. A P-47 was going down burning. Someone bailed out and immediately his chute opened, right in the midst of everything. A Focke Wulf exploded by his side and his chute folded in rags. I didn't fire a shot because three B-17's were above us. I heard something banging, like a bass drummer going mad. It was the landing flap on the right wing. It was hanging down waving in the wind and hitting the wing.
Then I heard a sharp snap. The lieutenant formation officer in the tail turret of the crippled lead ship above had bailed out and he had fallen right into the Plexiglass nose before bouncing off and into our right wing. Some 'stringy stuff' slid back across my window. The lieutenant's harness and lines were hanging on our wing. I opened the door and looked toward the cockpit. The nose was gone. Blood--a lot of it--and a terrific wind blinded me. I was covered from head to foot. It went on through the ship painting it red and freezing. The bomb bays were solid red and slippery. The blood came from the engineer 'Uncle Dudley' Orcutt. The right side of his head was gone. He didn't look like Dud. I had no doubt he was dead.
I took the extra oxygen bottle and started up the catwalk. There was a hard wind coming from the front. I was holding onto the left rope when it broke. It was weakened from an exploded shell, I guess. I fell on the right rope. I dropped my oxygen bottle and it went tumbling down. I spent some time trying to get the bomb-bay doors up with my knife. The crank and extension were gone so I gave the job up. I took some wire from the bomb pins and fixed the rope back.
I got some first aid kits and hunted for some sulfur powder. There was none. The right waist gunner grabbed a bandage and put it on his head. The expression in his eyes reminded me of a patient taking his first look at the stub of his leg after an amputation. Red was still bleeding and as he breathed, blood came out of the hole in his eye. I wiped the blood off his face. He returned the act and said, "I thought you were a walking dead man". Then the tail gunner yelled, "Tail gunner hit"!
From the way he said it, I knew he was in a lot of pain. I grabbed the first aid kit and ran to him. After laying him down in the waist, I began slicing my way to his wound, which was in his back. It was a terrible hole and I hurried to get a bandage on so he wouldn't lose too much blood. I gave him a shot of morphine. We were alone, flying just above the ground, like a coyote sneaking among bushes in fear of yelping hounds close behind...
Then came the call over the interphone that we loved to hear. 'There is the Channel ahead'!"

Special thanks to Chris Reed at for this story.


  • Not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards.
  • This card has no cash value, any unused portion cannot be redeemed for cash. It will remain on your card until fully used.
  • This is not a debit/credit card and has no implied warranties.
  • Non-transferable.
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