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“I offer stainless steel sex appeal.”
Red Oxx Cable Locks keep your bags secured. Only $1.00. Pictured open and closed.

Cable Lock $1.00

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In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

Simple solution.
To a complex problem.

Try a Luggage Cable Lock and you'll never have to remember a combination or carry a key with you again.

How's that? All of our bags come with a Dog Tag that's attached using a wire cable. Simply unscrew the wire cable at the knurled thumbscrew, slip the cable through the base holes on the closed zipper tabs on your bag, screw it back together and voila, a deceptively simple lock that looks permanent (see additional image in Photos & Videos in menu at left). Any single zipper pockets can also be secured with the cable by pulling it through the nylon pull tab (loop) located on the bag at each end of the zipper and through the hole in the base of the zipper tab.

In fact, many of our customers use a wire cutter to remove the tags, when all you have to do is unscrew it. Now understand, a determined thief can put their fingers a little way into your bag despite the Cable Lock, but the idea is to slow them or fluster them such that the lock will deter them.

If checking your bag, the cables keep it from accidentally zipping open. And for a dollar, that's low cost piece of mind. The 1 mil diameter twisted stainless steel cable has a tensile strength of 36 lbs. Cable Lock is 6" long with knurled thumbscrew.
Made for Red Oxx by BallChain Corporation.
Lifetime Warranty.

Said satisfied customer Charles, "This accessory came with my Sky Train a couple of years ago. I have bought "look-alikes" but none has lasted as long as the original Red Oxx did, still using it today!"

Buy two or more Cable Locks, you'll always find a use for more than one!

UPS Transit Shipping Time Map.

Red Oxx will adjust your shipping costs for Cable Locks down before we bill your credit card. Since UPS in our cart checkout will only calculate one pound and above, the shipping shown is disproportionately high compared to actual shipping cost. Shipping will be $5.85 using a USPS Priority flat rate box inside the US, outside of the US, shipping costs can go up quite significantly, perhaps $18.00 or more. This shipping cost is the same for just one Cable Lock, on up to what will fit into a flat rate box.

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By Sean, China, August 10, 2011

Great little product. Not sure if it made the difference, but traveling to more than 15 countries, nobody bothered with my bags at all, and no pockets got picked. Quality!
 Great Zipper lock
By Rick A, OH and CO, August 4, 2011

Very handy for connecting two zipper pulls together on my bags. Keeps them from opening inadvertently.
 Small but useful.
By CETHEIVAGT, Illnois, July 24, 2011

I use 2 of these to connect the 2 top panel zippers to open at the same time. Works but not the best.
 Just what I wanted
By ibbrunnie, Colorado Springs, May 26, 2011

Exactly what I wanted to attach a luggage dog tag to my bags. A little super glue to lock it, and it beats a metal chain.

I have ideas for even more uses but those can wait for a while.
 people just love to complain
By Frank, Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2011

Seriously people. Stop whining.

This product is $1.00. if it last over 6 months even if it last more than 1 trip over sea, it's amazing for me already. I don't understand the low stars because a one dollar product didn't last over a relatively decent period of time.

I bought 15 of these to lock my SkyTrain zippers and my wife's Rick Steves zippers while traveling abroad on trains and even just walking around town.

We tested one with Shun kitchen scissors, and it took 3 tries to cut it in half. Which is not thief proof, but it will significantly slow them down and brings them to our awareness.

3 over sea trips, so far so good.

~Red Oxx Replies: All of our products have a Lifetime Warranty. All...
 Frayed cables
By Bruce in Iloilo, Iloilo City, the Philippines, April 6, 2011

I soon as I got these I started to use them, not only for my Red Oxx bag but also for my knapsack, to prevent quick fingers from opening the pockets as the pack rested on my back. Unfortunately, they became frayed very quickly and started to give me metal splinters. After 6 months, I have stopped using them.

Great concept, nice price, but not durable.
 comes undone
By sean, china, February 24, 2011

i like the look of these and they are just the right length. i was hoping the screw lock was secure but i have had them slowly unscrew themselves and watched them fall off. Unfortunately the simple loop cable (like the ones your luggage tags come with) may be more secure in actually staying closed for holding dog tags on etc.
 If only.......
By Glen, Louisville, February 17, 2011

This is a handy little product. It's easy to use, and quite sturdy. Unfortunately, there is at least one TSA agent out there who either couldn't figure it out and cut it off, or did figure it out and decided to keep it for himself. Good thing I bought some extras.
 mostly hit, a little miss
By Phil, Duarte CA, December 16, 2010

I ordered several. One started fraying. The others seem to be doing OK so far on 3 work trips I've taken. I use them on an Air Boss in case I have to leave it (I haven't yet, perfect carry on). They don't actually lock, but they'll at least slow someone down that's trying to get into your luggage to the point that hopefully they'll leave your luggage along and move on to an easier target.
 Cheap insurance against zipper failure
By Eric, Mechanicsburg PA, December 6, 2010

Not much to say about this product as there pretty straight forward.

I bought a few to use with the Air Boss as extra insurance to keep the zippers closed. They worked well on a recent trip.

The zippers on the Air Boss are pretty stiff so I'm not sure if you really need these or not but the extra protection they provide is worth the nominal cost of these.

Semper Fi
By John, Maryland, August 26, 2010

Exactly what you'd expect.

I bought them to affix a dog tag to my air boss, and they work fine.

I bought a few extra in case I ever need to check my bag to keep the zippers from separating.

I doubt that would be a problem after using the air boss, but they're cheap enough to make it worth picking up a few.
 Handy little things
By Jim, CT, August 20, 2010

Not a ground breaking earth shattering piece of hardware but handy nonetheless. I have a couple for my Air Boss to use as a quick zip-tie replacement and I'm using one with my Sky Train thru the zipper pull on the inner pocket - attached one of these and then a small biner & I just clip my keys to it when I get out of my car at the airport. I always know where they are when I return. These are worth more than the paper it takes to buy them :-D
 Really useful
By Alessandro, Italy, July 31, 2010

Useful, practice, user friendly.
 I love Red Oxx, but this cable lock is terrible.
By George, San Francisco, July 20, 2010

Red Oxx makes quality products - the Air Boss deserves 5 stars - but this cable lock is poorly made. I bought 10: 5 broke at the thumbscrew. Great idea; poor execution. It won't discourage me from buying other great Red Oxx products, though.


Heavens George! What are you using them for? You're only the second customer to encounter this problem that we're aware of. ~ Minister of Information for D.O.R.A.
 Multiple Uses
By Helene, Vancouver, BC, June 16, 2010

I keep finding new uses for these cables, some here! I use two strung together and attached to my purse to keep my bus pass holder within easy reach from an outer pocket without having to worry about losing it, and I've replaced a number of cheap zipper pulls with them.
 Handy and durable
By Anonymous, Studio City, CA, June 7, 2010

These are pretty cool little cables. They look good and are lightweight and inexpensive, yet made it through several luggage transfers on my most recent trip. Good value!
 Happy with these
By TL, PA, April 30, 2010

These work as advertised and are quite versatile. I keep enough in my Air Boss to lock up all my zippers in case I need to gate check on a regional jet (even though I've never had to since the Air Boss fits in the overhead bins). I also keep one in my wallet and have found a variety of temporary uses for it.
 cable lock
By Maggie , Maui, March 25, 2010

One of the four cable locks I ordered was inoperable. The others work fine.


Maggie, Look for a 6 pack of cable lock replacements in the mail. ~ Minister of Information RedOxx
 nice multi-use accessory
By Brix, Nomadic, March 1, 2010

Pretty cool tool! I was using zip ties, but these are reusable, and no brainer easy. They also can be attached to the zipper on the inside pocket of the Sky train to use as a key chain.
 Great - until they break
By Gary Fischman, Northern NJ, February 22, 2010

I thought these were a great idea. I used them to attach the dog tags to my luggage, assuming they'd be more secure than the snap chains the tags come with. Wrong! I found my luggage tags on the floor, and the cable "lock" broken.

Now that I know I can't rely on them, the rest are headed for the trash bin.


Red Oxx Replies: please don't send your locks to the trash. Return them to use and we will test them to see if they are defective. Unless some undue strain or force is used, they should hold up under normal use.
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  • Twisted 1 mil diameter stainless steel braided cable
  • Length: 6" open
  • Precision cut knurled steel thumbscrew on "lock"
  • Note: Red Oxx makes no claim our Luggage Cable Locks will prevent theft or even pilfering of the contents of your bags.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these TSA approved?
Our Cable Locks are not real locks in the sense they need a key or combination lock. If this is your concern, we recommend you purchase a TSA approved lock.
How strong are these?
The Cable lock has a tensile strength of 36 lbs.
How do I remove these from my bag?
Grasp the cable on one side of the knurl, use the other hand to twist the knurl. If it won't turn, reverse the cable and try again. Remember lefty loosey. The knurl should unscrew by hand without the need of pliers.
Are these theft proof?
The Cable Lock is not designed to be theft proof, but it certainly might flummox someone not familiar with the design long enough for them to move on to the next bag. Or they might simply cut the cable with a bolt cutter as they would with a typical keyed or padlocked cable lock.
Why is the shipping charge so high?
Our UPS Real Time Shipping Cart will not measure weights below one pound. Red Oxx will always adjust the shipping to a lower applicable postage rate before your card is processed and the cables are shipped.
Can you ship USPS?
Yes, Red Oxx will ship USPS upon request. Simply state, "Please ship USPS" in the cart comments during checkout and we will adjust your billing accordingly.