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Red Oxx embroidered logo patch - shown in saffron

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?
All patches are color matched to the bag except black bags, in which case a red stitched patch is used exclusively.
Can I get a different color patch for my bag?
Red Oxx operates on a production line, switching out patch colors is inefficient and can disrupt production. If you don't like the patch color, you can order your favorite color from this page.
“I'm for those thin spots on your 501s.”

Red Oxx Logo Patch $3.00

90075-AmethystIn stock3
90075-BlackIn stock3
90075-BordeauxIn stock3
90075-CoalIn stock3
90075-ForestIn stock3
90075-KhakiIn stock3
90075-MarinerIn stock3
90075-MidnightIn stock3
90075-OliveIn stock3
90075-RedIn stock3
90075-SafariIn stock3
90075-SaffronIn stock3


In Stock

In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

The Travel Patch
= prestige?

Sure, why not flaunt what you like?

Red Oxx embroidered oval emblems come on nearly all our products. Now you can add our oval logo patch to your favorite travel jacket or vest. Our patches are made by AB emblems, makers of NASA's world famous patch.

The ravel proof overlock borders keep your patch looking tidy for years to come. Each patch features background fabrics that are custom-dyed black for uniformity. Dyes are routinely tested for durability and colorfastness. Each patch has a laminated backing for maintaining its original shape and appearance. Naturally, they're hand-washable and use dry-cleanable yarns.

Available in 11 colors. Our black and red bags feature the same red embroidery on black patch. Red Oxx Logo Patches are sewn on only. Don't like the patch color that comes with your bag? Pick your favorite color and replace it.

Dimensions: Oval 3 1/4"W x 2 1/4" Tall.


  • Ravel proof overlock borders
  • Colorfast dyes
  • 11 contrasting colors
  • Laminated backing

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated business.

Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a UPS tracking information email and a review request follow-up email eight weeks after delivery. Backorders beyond a dozen days may receive an order follow-up assurance email. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our other occasional email notifications. Your email address is secure.

Red Oxx "No Bull" Warranty

As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough.

To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himalayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible.

Red Oxx Bags are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will.

Red Oxx Lifetime No Bull Warranty - No Questions Asked. Ironclad. Guaranteed. Forever. Period.
Made in U.S.A.

Red Oxx Bags are handcrafted in Billings, Montana. U.S.A.

Made in Montana
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