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Red Oxx Small Aviator Kit Bag with Mesh Panels


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4.82 Average Rating
 (11 Reviews)

 Great purchase
By , Denver, March 13, 2014

I ordered this bag primarily to replace a series of disappointing duffle bags and cheap carry-ons -- broken and snagged zippers being the biggest problem. The "small" aviator bag is quite generously sized and holds an impressive amount. I use it now not only for trips to the gym, but for weekend trips. It's attractive, sturdy, well-priced and beautifully made. The zippers are solid, the mesh is sturdy and the entire bag is a joy to behold and use. It's a basic bag -- no pockets, no shoulder strap -- but has quickly become one of my favorite things. Highly recommended.
 Great but...
By , Paris, France, November 29, 2013

The bag is great especially if you carry wet gym clothes. What I find is missing is a small internal pocket in which you could put keys, a gym membership card or a training log.

Such a pocket is also missing in the Big Oxx Expedition Series that I bought a few weeks ago. For such a large bag, having an internal pocket is the least you could expect
 Great Gym Bag
By , Ann Arbor, MI, April 22, 2013

I use this bag as my go-to gym bag. Usually keep a change of clothes, sandals for the shower, running shoes etc. It works great with the side mesh because it lets all of your stuff dry out well. My shower sandals are always dry the next day. No issues with the bag a few months in.
 Even my dog loves Red Oxx!
By , York, PA, April 15, 2013

Our 100-pound laborador uses the Small Mesh Aviator Bag to carry his personal items when he visits the kennel. The size is perfect and the mesh material doesn't retain odors. It's great for up to a two-week stay at his favorite doggie spa.
 Perfect for the gritty working folks
By , California, August 22, 2012

This is an amazing bag. I've been using it for about one year. It's primary role for me is a gym bag which it's been great for. It can hold my gym clothes, shoes, shower sandals, towel, toiletry kit, and spare change of clothes without a problem. I usually go to the gym after work where I do brush clearing and habitat restoration in wetlands. My clothes are covered in mud, sweat, and all manner of filth. The mesh seems to do a good job at keeping things aired out, especially after having my gym and work clothes in them. It cleans easily even after having some mud in it.

I really like the look of this bag. It means business and as someone who has a reputation for appreciating good, American made equipment, I feel good carrying it.

While I have yet to use it for fishing or hunting applications, I can see it being a workhorse for those activities, especially around water.
 Perfect for my Umpiring Gear
By , , May 3, 2012

Pros: very durable mesh, no wasted room (non-compartmentalized)

Cons: for my purpose it could use a small sleeve on the outside, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of this bag being one big carry all.

I use this bag to store my umpiring equipment, which includes: a chest protector, small towel, face mask, cleats, shin pads, and a ball bag with brush and pitch counter. After I gear up I usually just toss the bag, with my casual wear inside, off to the side of one of the dug outs. I have yet to have a problem with gravel finding its way in through the mesh which was an original concern I had.

Understandably after a game my equipment is a bit sweaty, and that is where the mesh works its magic. I often have to ump multiple games a day at different locations and I have no time to air out my equipment. Usually the bag just gets thrown in my car with my sweaty gear, and with my old duffle bag I noticed my equipment just 'marinated' in my sweat. This bag, however, I believe has solved the problem and I can go a whole day without a smell attracting any attention. :)

I recommend this bag to anyone who doesn't need compartments, and wants something rugged or likes the very best.

P.S. I doubt the mesh will ever rip or tear.
 More Bag Than I'll ever Need, maybe
By , AnaheimFullerton ca, April 21, 2012

Ok, when I took this bag out of the box I said I'll only use this for clothes. I can use it as a carry on along with my gator bag on my upcoming trip and we're good to go. However, I always have to try things out, so I plopped all the gear that I carry to work, say, for an eight hour day, (I carry a lot and I don't even have kids), and fell in love with this as a tote bag. You talk about the mesh pannels helping to dry out gear in your description of the bag. I'll probably use it for that purpose at some time. In the meantime, I've discovered that the mesh pannels add little weight to the items in the bag, making it ideal for carrying over my shoulder. The bag fits snugly under my arm, against my body, making it ideal for my walks to the bus stop. It fits snugly on my lap or at my feet. At first I was a little worried that this bag had no pockets so I chose to use my gator because of the pockets. But, I tend to pack using bags inside of bags and the lack of pockets helps distribute the smaller bags inside the bag without hampering movement or wasting space. This bag is definitley going to be one I carry in the rain, especially if I'm walking, just cover it up, tuck it in and we're off! I love this bag! I have uses for all my other REdoxx bags, the right bag for the right job. I am extremely happy with this bag.

Here's my list. My grip is for sixteen hour days, gator is for carrying my digital book player and other items on a day trip, chica, short trips like a purse, much more efficient than a purse for my needs, and now, the aviator kit bags. Just bought the extra small one. I jus tlove the quality, the customer service, the room in the bags, they're just awesome. Love my aviator bag, keeps me organized and fits perfectly, it definitley in my opinion, for my uses, does not need a shoulder strap. Perfect eight hour bag!
 Simple, sturdy, reasonably priced.
By , Lake Tahoe, California, April 22, 2010

I have been using the Aviator duffels to store and carry cables for sound equipment for a couple of years. The varying sizes, durable construction and simple design are perfect for this sort of utility use. The mesh allows you to see what type of cables or other items are in the bag. Very pleased with these bags - they are a great product and can stand up to the most punishing use. Great value also!
 Three year review
By , Clarksville MD, August 17, 2009

The purpose of this email is to send to you a three year report of my two Red Oxx small Aviator Mesh Bags. Both my wife and I have taken to fly fishing for trout in the Western USA. As we live on the East Coast, this involves a lot of air travel to get to the Western USA, and the bags frequently traveled in the bed of pick-up trucks while storing our waders. I won't bore you with how many times we visited your beautiful state, but we have earned a ton of frequent flyer miles.

The pattern we used for most of the trips went like this: at home we would clean and dry our waders and Aviator bags with just cold water and a brush. Then we would pack each bag with one set of waders. This left the Aviator Bag with a lot of spare room. We then used a large duffle to consolidate the waders with other fishing stuff. After we arrived at our destination airport, we would put the waders in the Aviator Bags in the bed of a pick-up truck. And so they traveled to the stream of choice. Once we found a nice spot, we would unpack the waders from the Aviator Bags and walk to the stream with our fly rods. Sometimes, the walk would be a long trek, and we held the waders in the Aviator Bags until we found a nice place to fish. As you know, water and dirt mix to a gooey consistency, so we used the Aviator Bags as a foot pad to stand in while we either put on or took off the waders. Now because we use felt bottoms on our waders, this introduced a lot of sand and small rocks into the Aviator Bags. Also the road dust found a way to stick to the wet Aviator Bags as we drove to our motel. At the motel, we found a hose and washed the waders and Aviator Bags, getting ready for the next days adventure.

Well to make a long story short, the Aviator Bags have not shown abrasion wear, nor have the airlines destroyed them when at trip's end I stuff both pairs of waders into one bag , put on a lock, and shipped them as checked baggage. I guess it will be a few more years before I can test your lifetime guarantee.
 this bag rocks
By , , August 1, 2006

This bag is great for hauling sports equipment, it lets the moisture and smell out and lets light in so you can actually see whats in the bag when you are looking for your gear.
 A Bag that Breaths
By , , April 19, 2006

Now here is a bag that performs as advertised. I have found this bag to be very useful for storing my wet and damp fishing gear. If you so happen to be tired and lazy after a long day on the river and you can't make the time to hang wet gear you won't be blown out of the water with a arm full of moldy, stinky fishing equipment. Even in cool weather if you leave the bags in a well vented area these mesh bags will save you from that unpleasant musty odor the next time you use your waders, boots, gravel guards or what ever gets wet on the river.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the size difference between the Aviators?
Aviators come in four sizes. Look under the specifications tab for the measurements.
Why are some Mesh?
We liked the idea of a breathable bag, especially for damp clothes and beach or swimming accessories.
Do you have a comparison chart?
There's a photograph of all the bags side by side located under the Photos tab.
Are these carry-on legal?
The Extra Small and the Small Aviator are both carry-on legal.
Why isn't there a shoulder strap?
The Aviator style kit bag does not work with a shoulder strap as the break-over zipper configuration is designed to open the bag fully. Our prototype also twisted and flopped around. Our bag testing team hated it. However, check out this review written by a fan for a simple solution to this question in the section titled: "Simple Modifications to an Aviator Bag Improves Use."
Can you tell me what a "break over zipper configuration" is?
The zipper goes over the top and down the sides of the bag.
Are they a lesser quality than the rest of your bags?
All Red Oxx Bags are made to the same high quality standards and are covered by our lifetime warranty.
Why is the price so much lower?
Our Aviator line represents refined simplicity. By having fewer features such as pockets, heavy-duty hardware and being made in one color with fewer pieces to be cut and stitched, and less time to make each bag, we can charge a much lower price.
Are there any interior pockets?
To keep the price down, we did not include interior pockets. Don't need pockets when you build a custom set of Red Oxx Packing Cubes.
My zipper broke. The teeth have separated. Do I send it in for warranty repair?
No need for warranty repair, fix it yourself. Check out this video where CEO Jim Markel shows how easy it is to do it yourself.
Is there a way to securely lock my bag?
Sure, you can use any TSA approved bag lock or try our Cable Lock for a simple, semi-secure solution. Watch this video where CEO Jim Markel demonstrates how you can use the cable that comes with the product Dog Tag price tag to secure your bag. Keep in mind, any determined thief can still cut open a soft sided bag with a sharp knife.
Can you ship USPS?
Yes, Red Oxx will ship USPS upon request. Simply state, "Please ship USPS" in the cart comments during checkout and we will adjust your billing accordingly.
“I'm a Beach bum bag extraordinaire.”

Small Aviator Bag Mesh $50.00

91012-SMIn stock50

In Stock

In stock orders ship same day if received by 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time!

Got Mesh? Then Dry Out!

Let's Go Fishing!

The Aviator Small Mesh Kit bag is ideal for all fishermen out there. You can easily fit a pair of waders, with boots attached, into this handy utility kit bag. And since it's got the 3/4 "stiff mesh" zipper panel, it doesn't matter you've a three hour drive home, your waders will have plenty of time to air out. Also useful for Scuba gear, swimming, pool and beach belongings (or any gear that gets wet in the field, and you need it to not mildew). Naturally, don't leave your belongings more than overnight, or it will mildew. This is a perfect mesh throw bag for hundreds of feet of float rope and all kinds of marine gear.

The Aviator line of storage and carry gear bags were developed for the budget minded. Featuring the same sturdy materials like 1000 weight CORDURA® nylon fabric and heavy-duty hardware as our regular Red Oxx bags, the Aviators are simplicity by design. They don't have a shoulder strap or attachments,  mostly because the "break-over" zip open design does not condone itself with using a strap. Nor do they have any pockets or padding. Just a good old basic bag to serve basic simple needs without the extravagance. Rugged, reliable and tough.

The reason Red Oxx uses the largest zipper we can find, the #10 YKK VISLON® zipper, is that they are easily repairable, even in the field; they will hold their place, that is, they "lock"; they are difficult to penetrate, thereby increasing the security of your belongings; they function smoothly in inclement weather and they can be yanked from a variety of angles without losing teeth or becoming separated.

Just under two feet long, eight inches wide and nearly a foot tall, the 3/4 wrap-around break over #10 YKK heavy-duty zipper configuration mesh panel opens up this rectangular gear bag nearly flat. Enveloping 1.5 inch wide webbing handle wraps all the way around the bottom of the bag. It's also double box stitched to the bag. Available in Black only.

No tearing mesh here, or anywhere, ever. Available in Black only.

U.S.A. Dimensions: 22"L x 8"W x 11"H (Legal Carry-on).
Capacity: 1,936 cu. inches.
Weight: 1.35 pounds.

Metric Dimensions: 56cm L x 20.3cm W x 28cm H
Capacity: 31.6 Liters
Weight: 0.61 Kilos

"No Bull" no question's asked Lifetime Warranty. Red Oxx lasts longer.
Designed AND hand made in Billings, Montana U.S.A..
UPS Transit Shipping Time Map.

Witness the birth of your bag and learn about the many steps it takes to handcraft your Small Mesh Aviator.

Meet the thundering herd who build your gear with pride.

Red Oxx is a Veteran owned and operated US Manufacturer.

EMAIL POLICY: Online orders will receive an order confirmation email, a UPS tracking information email when your order ships and a product review request follow-up email eight weeks after delivery. In addition, backorders beyond a dozen working days may receive an order follow-up assurance email. During checkout purchasers have the option to opt-out of our other occasional email notifications. Your email address is always secure.

Every great bag needs cool accessories.

Small Aviator Bag Mesh is a Red Oxx "Staff Pick" favorite.


Aviator Small Mesh Specs Size Chart

  • Fabric: 1000 weight urethane coated, Dupont certified CORDURA® Nylon
  • 3/4 Leno Mesh zipper panel
  • All zippers #10 YKK VISLON® self locking
  • Thread: #92 bonded SolarMax Nylon
  • All seams double stitched and bound
  • Fair trade Monkey Fist Zip Knots on all zippers
  • Free heavy-duty vinyl luggage tag
  • Embroidered Logo Patches
  • Double box stitching on stress points such as carry handles
  • Includes Cable Lock
  • Wraparound handclasp with Mil-Spec snaps
  • Available in Black only
  • "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed AND made in U.S.A.
  • U.SA. Dimensions: 22"L x 8"W x 11"H
  • Metric Dimensions: 55.9cm L x 20.3cm W x 27.9cm H
  • U.S.A. Capacity: 1,936 Cubic Inches
  • Metric Capacity: 31.6 Liters
  • U.S.A. Weight: 1.35 Pounds
  • Metric Weight: 0.61 Kilos

Questions? Visit our Customer Service Help Desk or call our Toll Free Hot Line: 1-888-733-6999.

Red Oxx "No Bull" Warranty

As time rolls a ceaseless course, only the genuine guarantee remains. The mountains will persist, the oceans are bound to endure and Red Oxx will continue to be rugged, reliable, and tough.

To the depths of the Amazon basin to the peaks of the Himalayas, Red Oxx Manufacturing is infallible.

Red Oxx Bags are guaranteed forever, be sure to include them in your will.

Red Oxx Lifetime No Bull Warranty - No Questions Asked. Ironclad. Guaranteed. Forever. Period.
Made in U.S.A.

Red Oxx Bags are handcrafted in Billings, Montana. U.S.A.

Made in Montana
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